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paper pearls paperihelmet
Kultaisia paperihelmiä musta/valko/kultaisesta aikakauslehtipaperista. Helmen pituus 2 cm. Maalattu kultaisella akryylivärillä kahden lakkakerroksen jälkeen.

Golden paper pearls from magazine paper. Length of the pearl 2 cm. Painted with golden acrylic paint after glazing.  

Tein joululahjoiksi pari paperihelmikorua: kaulakorun ja rannekorun. Voit katsoa videon paperihelmien tekemisestä täällä

I made a paper pearl necklace and bracelet for Christmas presents. Watch the video on how to make paper pearls yourself.

paper pearls paperihelmet
Valkoisia helmiä kultaisilla raidoilla. 2 cm.

White pearls with golden stripes. 2 cm.
paper pearls paperihelmet
Violetteja helmiä valkoisilla raidoilla. 1,5 cm.

Purple pearls with white stripes. 1,5 cm.
paper pearl keychain paperihelmi avainketju
Kaulakoru ja avaimenperä.

Necklace and a keychain.
paper pearl bracelet paperihelmirannekoru
Rannekoru kaksinkertaisella kuminauhalla. Kuminauhan päät tässä kuvassa vielä leikkaamatta.

Bracelet with double elastic band.
paper pearls paperihelmet

paper pearl bracelet paperihelmirannekoru

Ompelin koruille myös pussukat.

I also sewed little bags for the jewellery.


  1. How Nice post! looking so nice! I want to know about Amethyst Jewellery & Its Benefits, if you know or have another blog about it, Please share.

  2. Let me tell you one thing honestly. I have never seen such an explanatory video on how to make paper pearl jewellery. You have made my life so easy and I sincerely thank you for that.


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