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Updated Sticker Designs

ConfusedMatryoshka Doll With Peacock FeathersIndian Girl Doll Face FlowerTurban GirlFeather Necklace Black Hindu WomanRenaissance Matryoshka DollVanessa
Redbubble has changed their upload system and now you can upload separate files of your artwork for t-shirts and stickers. So I thought it was a good time to update my sticker designs, they seem to be the most popular product on Redbubble anyway. The sticker sizes vary from about 7 cm to 27 cm of width and they are removable. You can use them for your laptop, journal covers, walls etc. You can check out all my sticker designs on Redbubble. I added some new products, like notebooks and hardcover journals too, while I was at it. And a calendar for next year.

Toilet Roll Flower Wall Art | Recycle DIY

I stumbled upon this toilet roll flower wall art idea on youtube last autumn and started collecting empty toilet and kitchen paper rolls for it. I finally made the flower this summer and it's been hanging on our summer cottage wall since July. I cut up empty toilet rolls into 4 parts and glued them into a flower shape with water diluted general glue and used plastic clothes pegs to keep the glued surfaces together while drying. After the flower had dried, I spray painted it pink with a couple of coats. The end result looks kind of like a dahlia. I hanged it on the wall using 3 small nails so it doesn't tilt one way or the other. 

Löysin vessapaperirullakukan idean youtubesta viime syksynä ja aloin kerätä tyhjiä vessa- ja talouspaperirullia materiaaliksi. Muistin tehdä kukkataulun vasta kesällä ja se on nyt roikkunut kesämökin seinällä heinäkuusta lähtien. Leikkasin tyhjät vessapaperirullat neljään osaan ja liimasin ne kukan muotoon vesi-erikeeper-liuoksella. Liima sai kuivua py…