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Coloring Book Giveaway WINNER + 20% Discount!

The giveaway is now over. Scroll down to see the winner and to get 20% off of all coloring books and pages in my Etsy shop. If you don't have my African and Indian portraits coloring book yet, here's your chance to get it for free! At the beginning of this month, my YouTube channel Ivy Lily Creative reached 100 subscribers. To celebrate that I decided to host a giveaway for my YouTube and email list subscribers. Here's the giveaway video with clips of the coloring book!

How to Draw from a Photo Using the Grid Method

One of the biggest struggles in creating portrait art is getting the proportions right. It doesn't matter if you're great at shading pencil drawings. If the initial proportions are wrong, the likeliness of the person in the portrait will be off. I used to draw portraits completely freehand (examples below), but then I started using a grid for the sketching stage to get better proportions and likeliness and to sketch faster. I think it's a good tool, when you're drawing from a photo.