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Sugar Watercolor Christmas Paintings

These Spring flower sugar watercolor paintings turned out pretty nice (some of them anyway) so I decided to make them again with a Christmas theme this time. I, again, painted them with my 4-year-old-niece. For colors we used red, green and blue watercolor with some dots of gold acrylic paint to add a bit of festive sparkle. The paintings are postcard size and could be used as Christmas cards or framed Christmas art decorations. Sugar painting doesn't require any special painting skills, so you can do it with children. Read the instructions below or watch this tutorial to make your own sugar watercolor art. Or if you'd like to use the ones we made as watercolor textures for your graphics, you can download them here (for free!). They're JPG format, ~ 1000 x 1500 px, ~ 2 Mb, 300 dpi.

Warm DIY Christmas Mitten Cards

I made some Christmas cards with my 4-year-old niece. The mitten idea is from a craft magazine. We used pieces of packaging cardboard (that happened to be red on one side) as the background, scrapping paper and old wrapping paper for the mittens, yarn, washi tape, general glue diluted in water and "Merry Christmas" stickers. Teimme 4-vuotiaan siskontytön kanssa lapasaiheisia joulukortteja. Idea on Ihana-lehden numerosta 4/2013. Käytimme korttipohjina pakkauspahvia, joka sattui olemaan punaista toiselta puolelta ja lapasiin skräppipaperia (Tiimarin vanhoja poistojuttuja edelleen), käytettyä lahjapaperia ja lankaa. Lapaset liimattiin vesi-erikeeper-liuoksella ja koristeluun käytettiin lisäksi washiteippejä ja tarratekstejä.

Matryoshka Doll Coloring Book + Coloring Page Freebie!

I made my first printable coloring book in July with ethnic themes (African and Indian Portraits and Patterns) . This time I wanted to make one of Matryoshka dolls, which I love drawing. There's 5 designs and they're all ones I had originally drawn a few years ago, but I fixed them up and added more details. The originals are A4 size ink and marker drawings which I scanned and edited in GIMP (turned black and white, added contrast, erased mistakes), put into a word file and saved as a PDF. And tested that they print correctly. Scroll down to see parts of the process on video and a very basic tutorial on how to color digitally in GIMP. I'm selling the coloring pages in my Etsy shop . I also have a free sample coloring page for you , wh ich you can download by cli cking yellow t he button below . Tein ensimmäisen värityskirjani (afrikkalaisia ja intialaisia muotokuvia) heinäkuussa. Tällä kertaa halusin aiheeksi maatuskanuket, koska niitä on vaan niin haus

Arts & Crafts Fair 2015

ViaMINNET:in värikkäitä nahkakoruja. Helsingin Messukeskuksen Meidän viikonlopussa tuli taas pyörähdettyä. Siskon lapset olivat mukana, joten suuntasimme ensin pupuja paijaamaan Lemmikkiosastolle. Leikkikentän, maaseutumessujen maistiaisten ja OutletExpon kosmetiikkatarjousten lomassa ehdin katsella Kädentaitotapahtuman pikaisesti läpi. Askartelutarvike- ja korttiostokset jäivät kyllä väliin tänä vuonna. En ollut miettinyt etukäteen mitään ostettavaa ja Teippitarhan pöytää (josta yleensä teen heräteostoksia) ei näkynyt tällä kertaa. Alla lyhyt video Kädentaitotapahtumasta (karkkikoruja, käsintehtyjä joulukortteja ja muuta värikästä) ja lemmikkimessujen pupuista.  I went to a joined arts and crafts and pets (and a few other things) fair in Helsinki last Sunday and shot a short video of the craft stands (candy jewellery, Christmas cards and other colorful pieces) and bunnies.

Diamonds on a Shoebox | Recycle DIY

Decorated box number 6. If I counted right. And it's another diamond collage. I've now used that style for boxes, cards , flower pots and a painting . I made this one while having a flu (and the last one while having chickenpox...). It's not the fastest way to cover a box so it's good for times when you can't leave the house for a couple of days. The materials I used for this were essentially trash: an old shoebox, magazine pictures, paint chips and an empty tissue box (with a nice print on it). I cut out diamond shapes of pictures I liked using a stencil I drew before and glued them on the shoebox with regular paper glue. The final step is to cover the whole thing with contact paper to make it more durable (I took the photos before that stage).   Aarrelaatikko numero 6. Jos laskin oikein. Aiheena taas timanttikuviot. Niitä on tullut käytettyä nyt säilytyslaatikoihin, kortteihin , kukkien suojaruukkuihin ja yhteen tauluun . Tein tämän laatikon flunssaisen