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The Starving Artist Tag | Art Q&A

I watched the Starving Artist Tag YouTube collaboration videos by Mira Byler , Lena Danya , Happy D. Artist , Katherine Ward Art , Tina Yu and Katie Jobling and decided to take part in the tag in blog format. The Starving Artist tag is a way to get to know other artists by answering 20 questions about your art journey, inspirations and art creation. So, here it is: The Starving Artist Tag 1. What's your favorite experience as an artist? I love painting and listening to an audio book on the background. (At the moment I'm re-listening to Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played with Fire.) And the moment when a painting starts to look good, because they never do in the beginning.

My Art Supply Collection

This is a list of most of the art supplies I use for painting and drawing: papers, paints, pencils, markers, mediums, pastels, inks and art books. I've also included links on where you can buy some of these products, if you're interested. The links marker with * are affiliate links. And if you want to watch my art supplies in action, I filmed a video of my art supply collection .

100 Art Video Ideas for YouTube

Having trouble coming up with ideas for art projects, art blog posts or art YouTube channel videos? I've listed 100 (or 101) art video title or topic ideas for YouTube in this post. A lot of them work for blog posts, too. Some of them you can use as ideas for you art projects that you don't even post online. I divided the list into sections: general art video title ideas, art challenges, art tutorials, themed artworks and art series. Some art challenges have many versions of them (3 marker challenge, 2 marker challenge and 1 marker challenge or 10 minute and 30 minute drawing challenge), but I'll just name one of the versions. You can download the list PDF format to save it or print it out.