2013 Recap + Art Calendar

 Art calendar

A year ago I wrote about my first year of Postcrossing. This time I thought to write a more general recap of the year I've had, along with some pictures of a calendar of my own art that I gave to my mother as a Christmas present. I had been thinking of making a calendar before but finally did it. There's one version on Redbubble and another one on deviantArt but I ordered this one from Photobox since I had a little bit of credit on my Photobox account that I wanted to use up. 

 Art calendar

Pluses of 2013:
  • Working part time or full time for most of the year, in a pleasant working environment. Getting work experience of my own field. 
  • Getting a degree. Finishing my Bachelor's thesis and getting my second Bachelor's degree. 
  • Taking interesting courses of my own field and also starting a new language (estudo português). 
  • Taking charge of my health and fitness. Doing regular and varied exercise as well as eating healthy.
  • Making art.
  • Taking time to be in the nature. Spending many long weekends at the summer cottage last summer. Being close to nature and painting both brought me a lot of happiness.
 Art calendar

On the flip side, I didn't write many letters or blog much in 2013, which I am sorry about (especially the letter writing part). And I have been missing the snow this winter. There's been snow on the ground only on a few days this winter. This feels more like a long, dark autumn than a real winter. I really want to go skiing and I would've wanted to go hill sliding with my niece during Christmas now that she's old enough for it. 

 Art calendar

All in all, 2013 was a pretty positive year for me. Definitely much better than 2012. While I was a more diligent blogger and letter writer in 2012 (and had uma viagem maravilhosa to Madeira!), the main things I remember from that year are grief, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. In 2013, after the first months of the year, I created a better balance in my life in many areas... and maybe neglected some other areas, but I don't think life can be all good or all bad at any given time. 

Art calendar

Posts about a new painting, polymer clay pendants and some mail coming later. 

Art calendar

Pieni kertaus vuodesta 2013 ja kuvia omia teoksiani sisältävästä kalenterista.  


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