Old Maple Tree Charcoal Drawing

old maple tree charcoal drawing
 Old Maple Tree. Charcoal sketch on litoposter. Size ~ 70 x 50 cm. Time ~ 2.5 h. August 2010.

I'm self taught in art but after art classes at school, I have taken one 5-day art course. I took the course in 2010. It was about drawing and painting plants and it was set in Suomenlinna in the summer. You could use the tools of your choice, and I chose charcoal and watercolor. The drawings in this post are the only charcoal works I made, most of my works were watercolor paintings

The assignment of the maple tree drawing above, was to make a drawing of a tree or a part of a tree paying attention to light and shadow, using only black (or one color for light and another one for shadow). I picked this old, beautiful tree as my subject but the place I chose wasn't the best. I set up my equipment near a path where people were walking and some people would come and look at my drawing as I was making it. 

Old Maple Tree Charcoal Drawing
Old Maple Tree Charcoal Drawing
Old Maple Tree Charcoal Drawing

The oak tree branch drawing below was actually the first piece I made on the course. The assignment was to make a black and white drawing of a part of a bigger ensemble. And I chose a photogenic oak tree branch in the garden. 

Both of the drawings are quite big, much bigger than anything I usually draw, and I wasn't able to scan them. I've never gotten very representative photos of them either and at this point, because they were drawn with charcoal, the originals don't look as they used to either. I did use fixative on them but it didn't help much and framing them seemed like a big chore, so I never did it. So, I haven't made such large artworks since. But the course was very inspiring and gave me more ideas on how to portray plants in art. 

Find more of my drawings here

oak tree drawing
From Under the Oak Tree. Charcoal sketch on litoposter. Size ~ 100 cm x 70 cm. August 2010.

Kaksi hiilipiirrosta Suomenlinnassa pidetyltä viisipäiväiseltä kasvien maalaus- ja piirustuskurssilta kesältä 2010. Vanha vaahterapuu ja tammen oksa. Lisää piirustuksiani löytyy täältä

Old Maple Tree:

From Under The Oak Tree: 


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