2014 Recap

If 2013 was the year of health/fitness and art for me, then 2014 was definitely the year of crafting and blogging. I made a lot of craft projects from spring to fall, I haven't even posted all of them yet. I also got really interested in reading blogging advice and I tried to evolve my blog during the autumn months. When it comes studies, I took some final necessary courses and exams and a few fun ones (Portuguese and Russian), but most of my time was taken up my master's thesis. 

Jyväskylän asuntomessut 2014

I also had a trip to Mallorca. The summer was really lovely. I spent as much time as possible at the summer cottage as usual. I saw the Home Fair in Jyväskylä but didn't blog it at the time because I didn't take many photos (the few photos I did take are featured in this post). I had a little hike at the Leivonmäki National Park. I saw old houses (and more importantly pretty gardens in Loviisa in the Loviisan Wanhat Talot event. The garden was a big stress reliever among working (I had no actual vacation days during the summer months June, July and August). I also loved picking berries and mushrooms. I sent some letters, such as this one to Singapore. 

 Jyväskylän asuntomessut 2014

Before the year ended, I started getting more active on deviantART again and this week I've been sketching, painting, planning new artworks and looking for reference photos. So in 2015 there might be more art on the horizon. 

Jyväskylän asuntomessut 2014

The blog follows my current interests. I can't keep up with any editorial calendar (I have thought about it but no) of mail on Monday, art on Wednesday, crafts on Friday etc. But I'll try to post on average 1-2 times a week. I'll be very busy with finishing my studies still in January-February (at least) though. If the blog gets quiet, it's not because I'm running out of ideas, it's because I'm running out of time to execute them all.

Jyväskylän asuntomessut 2014

I did a yearly recap of 2013 too. It wasn't about linking to past posts since I didn't blog much at all in 2013 but it was a bit of a reflection of the year, pros and cons.

Happy 2015!

Vuoden 2014 kertaus ja kuvia kesän Asuntomessuilta Jyväskylästä.

Hyvää alkanutta vuotta!


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