Inspiring Art Channels on Youtube

Art channels on Youtube watercolor

I've been finding a lot of drawing and painting inspiration on Youtube lately so here are links to a few of the art channels/videos I've liked to watch recently.

Juan Andres

He makes realistic pencil and colored pencil drawings of celebrities. When I first saw a picture of this portrait on DeviantArt, I thought it was a painting though. It just looks that smooth. Also watch his realistic eye drawing tutorial. I find it interesting that he shades the whole eyeball, maybe I need to try that.

Heather Rooney

She also makes realistic portrait drawings of celebrities.


This channel has videos of charcoal and pastel works with soothing music on the background.


Portraits with dry brush technique. 

Tanya Shatseva

She makes colorful acrylic paintings of different themes. And I think her video edits are pretty cool.


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