What is Animal Artists Collective? + Themes

Have you heard of the Animal Artists Collective on YouTube? If you haven't, read this for a quick rundown and to find out the past themes and how to take part in the upcoming themes yourself.

Have you heard of the Animal Artists Collective on YouTube? If you haven't, here's a quick rundown: It's a group of YouTube artists who make animal art based on a chosen theme (voted by viewers) every two months and at least 50% of the proceeds of selling those artworks go towards animal conservation. They also make speed painting videos on YouTube about their animal art and publish the videos on the same day. It's usually on a Thursday on the second full week of the month, every two months. Read on to find out the past themes and how to take part in the upcoming themes yourself.

Animal Artists Collective or AAC was co-founded by Jennifer Charlee Art and In Liquid Color in order to create a collective similar to YouTube Artists Collective, but have the theme of the art and the meaning behind it fit them better. You can find the current members on their Facebook page. The themes are different biomes and the artists will each choose an animal from that biome for a given theme. You can vote for the themes on their Facebook page.

Animal Artists Collective members
See the current members in the AAC Facebook page.

How to Take Part in Animal Artists Collective

Animal Artists Collective Tropical Rainforests
Closeup of my unofficial entry for the first theme: Tropical Rainforests.

You can apply for an official or a guest spot in the Animal Artists Collective or just take part unofficially. The application form along with full requirements and instructions for applying can be found on their Facebook page (posted in February 2018).

Shortly, to be eligible to apply for a guest spot (and possible membership), you need a YouTube channel with at least 500 subscribers and a regular posting schedule and submit a portfolio of your past animal artworks. Additional requirements in the form linked above.

You can also join in unofficially (as I do) by posting your art on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tagging them @animalartistscollective and using the hashtag #animalartistscollective.

Animal Artists Collective Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
My original sketch for the Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands theme.

I first found out about the collective, when I watched Jennifer Charlee Art's Cards of All Fortunes, Fables and Fates YTAC video, where she talked about it. I liked the animal conservation idea behind it and also the chance to get more familiar with painting animals. Besides giving part of the proceeds of selling the original artworks to animal conservation charities, AAC members also educate us about the animals they chose in their videos.

I'm not selling my original art at the moment, but I do hope to use my videos and artwork to spread the word. And in the meantime develop my own art style and skills, when it comes to painting animals. Check out the YouTube Artists Collective post, where I mentioned more benefits to taking part in art prompts like this.

Animal Artists Collective Themes

Animal Artists Collective Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
Flamingo in watercolor and acrylic.

Here are the previous Animal Artists Collective themes as well as the poll options that didn't win. They're listed from oldest to newest. I've also made playlists of all videos (including official, guest and unofficial artists) for every theme, so you can easily find all of the videos and binge-watch them, if you'd like.

AAC #1

AAC #2

AAC #3

AAC #4


AAC #5


 AAC #6


AAC #7

  • Insects
  • Fish

Which biome or animal would you most like to see the collective make art about?


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