Free Reverse Coloring Pages


plant reverse coloring page without the lines and filled in
Reverse coloring page of flowers and leaves.

There's a new trend in coloring. Reverse coloring. The beginning of the trend seems to be The Reverse Coloring book by Kendra Norton (affiliate link).  The coloring pages of a reverse coloring book are usually more or less abstract watercolor paintings. So the coloring page already has the colors and you draw the lines.

If you want to color on the go, you could only bring the coloring book and one pen for drawing the lines. But you could also use a variety of supplies. Different sizes of pens and markers for varying line thicknesses. Different colors of supplies. Paint markers. Metallic markers. 

sunset reverse coloring page without the lines and filled in
Reverse coloring page of a cloudy sunset sky.

I tried making my own reverse coloring pages with watercolor on watercolor paper. One of them is a cloudy sunset sky above the sea. The other is of houseplant leaves and flowers. I scanned both of the pages before filling them in myself, so you could have a chance to reverse color them as well.

Download the free reverse coloring page printables by signing up to my email list. You'll get a link to all the free resources and find a PDF of the two reverse coloring pages inside the Free Coloring Pages folder. You can watch the video on how I made them and reverse colored them here.  


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