Plant Babies

The warm weather of the last weeks has been good for the plants. I have four little oranges growing - or six if you count the twin oranges as separate ones. For some reason some seeds turn into two oranges instead of one.


I also have a Saintpaulia baby (the little leaves in front of the big one). I put the cutting in the pot in March so it took about four or four and a half months for the new plant to appear.  

Saintpaulia cutting

Lämpimien säiden ansiosta pikkuappelsiineja on nyt kuusi kappaletta, joista osa on kaksosia. Myös maaliskuussa istuttamastani St. Paulian pistokkaasta on nyt kasvanut uusi yksilö (pienet lehdet isomman lehden edessä). 


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