Cactus Seeds from Mallorca

I was in Mallorca for a week earlier this month and since I've been getting interested in growing plants again, I wanted to buy some seeds from the trip. A lot of the gardens in Alcudia had cactuses in them and I figured that's the easiest thing for me to try, they're not likely to die even if I forget to water them at times. And they should work fine as houseplants. The two photos above are from some wasteland, not anyone's garden.

I got packs of 10 cactus seeds and 5 aloe vera seeds, 2.50 euros each. When I got home, I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. Then I sowed them in pots in a soil/sand mix about 0.5 cm deep, watered and added plastic covers with holes to keep them damp and warm during germination.

I also sowed some orange seeds and an apricot seed at the same time. I had soaked those seeds before sowing, too. For the orange seeds I was going to use all clay pots but I only found one so the rest of them are plastic. In the bottom of the pots I added broken pieces of clay pots and some gravel. I sowed 2-3 orange seeds per pot. I had sowed some orange seeds back in March but they never germinated. I'm hoping that these ones will. Orange seeds should be quite easy to grow and I have grown them before. As for the apricot seed, it's just a test. I broke the shell of the seed and I want to see if it will germinate without a cold treatment. I think I've gotten apricot or nectarine or peach seeds to grow before with a cold treatment (in the fridge). 

Olin Mallorcalla viikon aiemmin tässä kuussa ja ostin matkalta kaktuksen ja aloe veran siemeniä. Molemmat pakkaukset maksoivat 2,50 euroa. Vasta kotona selvisi montako siementä pakkauksissa oli: 10 kaktuksen siementä ja 5 aloe veran siementä. Liotin siemeniä vedessä yhden vuorokauden ja kylvin siemenet muoviruukkuihin hiekan sekaiseen multaan. Ruukkujen päälle muovia pitämään multa lämpimänä ja kosteana. Kylvin samalla myös appelsiinin siemeniä ja yhden aprikoosin siemenen.


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